Control What You Can Control


Over the last 10 months we have all faced new challenges due to Covid and the ever-changing world. It seems like just yesterday normal spring training was in full effect, the regular season was about two weeks away, and then everything changed with Rudy Gobert testing positive.

That was the moment that Covid became real in the sports world, as soon as the NBA shut down operations, other sports quickly followed suit as they scrambled to figure out a solution to moving forward safely. While Covid has been the ultimate disruption of “normal” life, there really hasn’t been much any of us can do other than adapt. In life most of the time all we can do is control what we can control. By focusing on controlling only what you can control you may find peace and calm in many situations that others struggle with. 

As situations arise that are less than ideal, it’s ok to not be in control of things, but take control of your attitude in how you react. If you can control your attitude about a situation and put it in a perspective that allows you to remain neutral and in control, you will benefit. A way to practice this is with daily breathe work. We all have the ability to return our awareness inward, to the breath and be centered, at any moment. But, most of us never think to do so, especially when things are not going our way.

There is a great benefit to having the ability to just stop, and experience taking a slow breath in and out. I’ve been starting my mornings out with a group call doing breathwork and meditation for the last few months and my ability to control what I can control has greatly improved.

Next time you are gasping for air during a workout, or getting frustrated with a situation, take a moment to simply control your breathing in and out a few reps and notice the shift. When we start to make this shift in awareness, lots of good things happen. Simply, control what you can control.

- Tyson Ross